Making the right impression

Even in today's digital world first impressions and personal connections trump an online interaction. Handing over your business card is often the first step in a potential business relationship and the first point of contact someone has with your business. As we all know making a good first impression matters, it's vital in securing trust and attracting new business.

It's essential to keep it simple, most people will only glance at your business card, if they aren’t immediately attracted by its design and can't find the key details they need then it will get discarded and forgotten, what a waste. Why pay for something that isn’t going to make an impact? Having a business card just for the sake of having one is a poor strategy and will make your business look mediocre at best. Getting a business card that shows off your brand, looks great, is simple and clear but still cheap is not easy.

Here are some key considerations:

What to include
  • Complementary colours
  • Important information
  • Good quality paper and finish
  • A visible call to action
  • YOUR BRANDING – may seem obvious but make sure the design looks consistent with all your marketing materials including your website.
What to avoid
  • Bad colour choice
  • Word art or stock like images
  • Too much detail
  • GENERIC STYLE – using pre-created themes and online templates will just make your business card look like the rest and the same will apply to your business.
You want to make people think you're different and unique

Having a great business card that ticks all the boxes will make your business stand out. Next time you greet a new customer or want to impress someone, this asset will show you mean business.

Marketing Fruta can design your business card with unlimited alterations to ensure you get the best quality and make you stand out. Get in touch today.

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