Using print to stand out in a digital world

As most companies focus on digital promotions and adverts, a traditional brochure can really make a business stand out. But there are a few critical aspects for it to work: 

Firstly, the brochure needs to be high end – premium quality, an economic solution will make you stand out, but for all the wrong reasons, it will look cheap and make your business feel outdated.

Also you need a clear focus on the audience, forget mail blasting or mass distribution. Premium brochures can be really effective through the following three channels:

  1. A leave behind from a meeting with a client
  2. An in-office sample for  clients
  3. A focused mailing to subscribers or people who have expressed direct interest in the content

Some typical uses where you could use a printed brochure include; a portfolio of your businesses’ products or services, a ‘key reasons’ overview of why a prospective client should choose you over your competitors and a seasonal or promotional collection of products or services.

When used correctly, a high quality brochure can make a lasting impact and will likely stay with the reader a lot longer than any digital promotion would. To really master your efforts in this space, consider combining your targeting through both the brochure and digital promotions such as an email or targeted ad.

For example, a furniture specialist store in Sutton, Surrey had a product brochure created for a marketing campaign. It listed all their main items, four to a page with high quality photos and a description for each and was available in their store for customers to take away when they visited.

Then within the brochure a sign up contact for email with a special code was included, once anyone signed up they would receive a 10% off voucher for any item within the brochure. This meant they felt rewarded and valued the brochure even more. They even began telling other people to go and get copies to get involved, and furthermore the store’s email list grew rapidly.

In today’s digital world don’t overlook a traditional brochure and how it can fit into your marketing strategy and make your business stand out.

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