Using PowerPoint as an image editor tool

Making sure your image stands out and is the best it can be is vital in today's visual world. Fortunately PowerPoint, a tool which most people have, can actually do a lot more than you may think. In fact it can become you got-o solution for quick, easy image editing.

Why? you may ask. Well it's easy to use, accessible,and free (included in MO packages).

Step 1 Insert or drag your image into a PowerPoint slide and then you can being

Here are a few tools you need to master

Cropping tool

Select the part of your image you need by removing unnecessary space to bring hat matters into focus

PowerPoint tool - cropping

Remove background tool

Great for creating transparent images and removing background graphics that aren't needed (also good for morphing faces onto whatever you like ;)

PowerPoint tool - remove background

Colour correction tool

Increase your image's brightness and contrast - often photos can come out dark so use this to improve your image's appearance.

PowerPoint tool - colour correction

Grouping tool

A vital element in creating images out of multiple graphics/ assets. Once grouped together you can right click and save as a new image. Create an image out of images!

Alignment & Layer tool

Creating elements and positioning them correctly using the align tool and layer (end to back/ front) tool will help you create templates you can tailor and use to create on brand images such as social media posts. The below was created in under 3 mins!

Now you've mastered the different tools you can begin using them to create any of the below:

  1. Social media templates
  2. Mock-ups (use background shadow to enhance)
  3. Photo album collages
  4. Visual quotes
  5. Brochures & Posters
  6. And more!

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