The marketing dilemma: The pain of using multiple agencies

In most professional services firms and even a lot of smaller businesses the majority of their design work is outsourced to creative agencies. Some will even outsource marketing support such as social media, thought leadership campaigns and SEO.

The primary two reasons why this happens are:

1.     It’s cheaper than employing a full-time staff member as the workload can’t be justified.

2.     They want the technical expertise and knowledge of a niche agency specialising in the specific area.

Using multiple agencies for various design and marketing needs however throws up three big challenges:

1.     Time resource needed to communicate and deal with multiple partners, and a lot of time spent repeatedly explaining the brand and design guidelines.

2.     Variation of styles and brand interpretation leads to a disjointed approach.

3.     Dealing with too many partners results in weaker relationships and lacks the strength of having one core and solid partner.

What if there was one design and marketing agency which could offer all the services you need, branding, social media & thought leadership support, infographic design, video design, brochure design and even web design – all under one roof. And even more, what if you could deal with just one individual who would get to know your business inside out and be able to apply the design guidelines consistently throughout everything you need.

You’re probably thinking, that’s just not possible, or if it is, it will cost a fortune. Well we’re delighted to tell you that Marketing Fruta offers all the above at rates that can’t be matched. We believe we are the answer to this marketing dilemma, and even though some things sound too good to be true – this isn’t one of them. Give us a try today.

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