Need a website? Here are your options

Every business needs an online presence, whether you need a new website or want to update an existing one, there are two options to choose from. Do it yourself with online web builders or pay an agency or web designer. Both have their pros and cons.

DIY online web builders

The ever increasingly preferred option, and it’s easy to see why. They offer control, access and are cheaper than ever. Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and Shopify are among the most popular and they use a drag and drop style to allow you to build your site and make updates through an easy to use interface. They also take care of the domain and hosting all in one place saving you a potentially big headache. With the online builders you have to pay a regular subscription and to have mid-class functionality the average cost is around £120 - £150 a year.

There are however downsides to using a DIY web builder and there is yet to be a real solution to overcome these common issues. Design is the primary problem, they all use templates, which will mean your site looks common to all the others using the same providers and lack any real distinctiveness. Another big problem is mobile design customisation – the DIY builders use responsive design to just resize what you create on the desktop. This is not ideal, as in today’s ‘mobile first’ environment you really need to be able to tailor your website for mobiles to make it work differently to a desktop version and impress your visitors.

Web designer or agency

As with the online builders there are great variations in quality and price when looking for a professional to build your site. You must be clear when setting out the price and job what you are getting for your money. One area to pay particular attention on is who will control further updates and edits to the site. If you envisage regular posts and changes then not having to pay for the designer to make the edits is very important in keeping costs low. Having control and access to edit the site in a user friendly way should be a priority.

There’s no question the initial layout in price will always be more with a professional than sites like Wix and Weebly however over a longer period you won’t have the regular subscription costs or be tied down to one provider.

However, if you really need your site to stand out and want to take the hassle out of creating and marinating the site to focus on what you do best – your business! Then considering a professional can be the right option.

The 3rd option: Marketing Fruta

How do we differ? We offer professional, high quality design and functionality but at fairer prices.

Need full control and access over your site but also want it too look outstanding?

Then we can create the website template in your web builder of choice using our creative skills to make it look unique and then hand complete control and access over to you to manage the updates and edits in an easy to use system. This is becoming an increasingly popular option as it gives business owners the three things they want: control, stunning design and value for money.

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