Make your business stand out

A business identity is everything, it’s how people perceive your company, and how they value your products and services in their mind.

There are many ‘touch points’ where potential customers can come into contact, these can be both online and offline.

The most common and important ones are:


  • Website
  • Social media
  • Video
  • External review sites


  • Physical location
  • Staff
  • Business cards
  • Promotional literature

Ensuring your businesses’ image is consistent throughout all these touch points will help show you are professional and organised. The image will be made up of both the businesses messaging and visual identity. This will embed your purpose and value with customers as they interact with your business.

To stay front of mind and be distinctive you need a vibrant and unique brand

Something that not only appeals to your target audience but is also recognisable and memorable. There are so many areas which a business needs to use its brand identity, whether its flyers, business cards, letterhead, website, social media or vehicle signs. Ensuring the identity is well displayed will help build the business image and appeal in your potential customers’ minds.

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