Giving your business an edge through video

Video is the future of online marketing

People engage with visual content a lot quicker than written content and if your business doesn’t consider video as part of your marketing strategy then you will fall behind. There are various ways to utilise video content for your business and it doesn’t have to cost as much as you may think.

3 key video stats

• 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video

• Including video on your website can increase conversion by 80%

• YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises of 100%+ every year

The boom in social media video through channels like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook mean that informal video plays a part in helping you reach your audience in a new visually engaging way.

Giving your business a personal edge

For small businesses having a short video can be a great tool in selling your product/ service and promoting your activity in a friendly personable manner. A promotional video can then be leveraged across three main channels: your social media sites, your website and any paid online advertising. To give an example of how this works in practice, consider a local shop or car garage. Creating a short 3-minute video introducing yourself, the business and why customers should consider you along with showing actual footage of inside your premises or you at work will really bring your business to life. It will give you a personal edge over the competition as people will feel a connection with you once they see the video and hear what you have to say first hand. You could have a video promoting a specific product or service whereby you can bring it to life through visual and audio content.

It’s a lot cheaper than you think

If you are creating social media content then your phone can suffice in creating a compelling video, remember the basics like lighting and sound and consider whether the end result displays your business in a professional way.

For promotional videos, you want to use via your website and adverts then consider using an expert to create it for you. At Marketing Fruta we charge as little as £250 to film and edit a video for your business. It will have your company logo, and branded design such as captions throughout and we use professional equipment to record great sound and capture the essence of what you want to share.

There are two types of promotional videos you can go for, one will be camera footage showing real people and footage of your business activity, this is ideal for businesses with a local audience. The second type is animated video, this can be a great option for explainer and informative videos as they are fun and visually engaging with animated graphics.

See this short promotional video for an example:
Video content is the future, embrace it to stand out from your competition and be one step ahead.

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