5 tools to help with social media

All small business owners have heard it before, ‘you should be on social media’, or ‘you can get more customers through social media’. Well, both are true but often it’s difficult to know where to start and even more difficult to find the time to actually implement a social media plan.

Fortunately, there are some valuable tools that can save you time and help you deliver the success you need through your social media marketing efforts. We want to share five exciting tools to make your life easier and all are free to use.

1. Buffer - Schedule, post and analyse across all channels

Why post to several social media platforms when you can post to one tool that does all that for you and offers analytics for all your posts. That is exactly what Buffer does, you can add your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn pages to your account and post to them all in one go. You can also use it to schedule posts and set up automated time slots which push out your posts as you build up a bank of content.

Download the browser extension and apps to take full advantage of this great tool and maximise its use by always being able to add content to your buffer queue and manage it in your phone.

2. Buzzsomo - Find trending topics and research popular topics

Quite often the biggest challenge for any business with social media is content creation. Buzzsomo helps address this problem in two ways. Firstly, you can use it to search the ‘hottest’ topics in any area and see what’s popular to gain inspiration. Secondly, you can use it to search for content to repurpose and share with your online communities. With the free account, you can set up one personalised topic area to track alongside the 8-10 general areas included.

3. Pablo by buffer - Create visual content easily

This tool is ideal for creating image-based posts which you can then add to your buffer queue or download to post manually. You can personalise your posts through font, colour and adding your logo to keep them looking in line with your brand and consistent. The tool is very intuitive and includes a wide range of stock free photos to add to your posts.

4. IFTT - Time-saving and automation

Social media can be time-consuming especially once you are actively managing several accounts on a daily basis. Using IFTT you can set up automated tasks to help save time and build your effectiveness across the platforms. For example, you can set it so every time someone likes a post with a certain hashtag on twitter they automatically get added to a customised list. Meaning you can then go back and engage with a segmented audience. Another popular automated task is setting up welcome messages for new followers to help give your business a personal edge.

5. Bit.ly - Create mini URLs and analyse traffic

This url shorter gives you customised urls for any link which you can then track and analyse across all social media accounts in one dashboard. It provides analytics and allows you to easily monitor the effectiveness of different channels around a created link.

These tools should go some way to helping you save time, maximise the opportunity and start to build your following. We offer social media consultations where we work with you to build a plan and set goals to work towards.

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